Since 2016, Budget Guys has been DentalCareXtra, KIDS and Snoring Laser Care’s preferred cleaning and maintenance service providers.

DentalCareXtra, KIDS and Snoring Laser Care owner Trehan Stenton said it is the scope of the service Budget Guys provides that makes them appealing.

“What appeals to me as a business owner is the scope of what Budget Guys offer. Carpet and commercial cleaning for ongoing services to building repairs for periodical maintenance.


“Budget Guys do everything, from cleaning our water fountain to getting up on a big ladder and changing and cleaning our lights.

“Their versatility is the attractiveness of Budget Guys.”

Mr Stenton said with two properties, one in Mackay and one in Marian, he appreciates that with Budget Guys there is only one point of contact to coordinate and manage the maintenance of both properties.

“We will continue to use Budget Guys on an on-going basis for regular servicing and intermittent services and maintenance.”

DentalCareXtra, KIDS and Snoring Laser Care is the largest independently owned and operated dental practice in the Mackay and Isaac region.

Mr Stenton said their focus is on quality care with the widest scope of practice, from general dental through to specialised treatment.

DentalCareXtra, KIDS and Snoring Laser Care

They have two properties, one in Mackay and one in Marian.

“Our team have rebranded and our focus is on connecting oral health to general health.”

From general dental to cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics to lip and tongue-tied surgery and laser treatment for snoring, DentalCareXtra, KIDS and Snoring Laser Care provides a comprehensive “in house” range of services.

“We are the only ones in region offering some of these services,” Mr Stenton said.

In fact, the breakthrough laser treatment used to treat snoring at Snoring Laser Care is a one of a kind.


“The NightLase laser stimulates the collagen at the back of the mouth, tightening up the airways and reducing snoring,” Mr Stenton said.

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