AFTER neglecting your yard all winter, spring is the perfect time to give it a, well, spring clean.

Just like spring cleaning your home, spring cleaning your yard not only makes it look good but it can provide your garden woith the boost it needs to get through the warm months ahead.

Take this yard for example.


Our yard maintenance team did a number on this space cleaning up fallen leaves, weeding and mulching and cleaning concrete.

At a glance, here are five quick steps to giving your yard a spring clean.

1. Clean up fallen leaves

Rake up fallen leaves and dead foliage and remove any old mulch.

2. Address overgrown gardens and plants

Work around the edge of your garden beds with an edger, cutting about three inches into the bed and removing compacted soil and roots. Remove any old, woody branches from trees and shrubs to make room for new shoots to grow.

3. Prune and weed

Remove any dead trees and plants. Prune trees, shrubs and perennials but don’t prune blooming trees and shrubs. For most plant pruning, start at the base of the plant and making clean cuts at a 45-degree angle, prune to open the centre for light and air circulation. Remove any broken, damaged, or diseased branches and get rid of thin, weak and twiggy branches.

For weeding, use a hoe and cut weeds off just under their root crown to keep new seeds from transferring to the surface where they can sprout.


4. Tidy your paths

Rake gravel back to its original spots and add gravel to low areas. Clean leaf stains or other spots from patios and concrete a high pressure water cleaner.

5. Apply mulch

Mulch your garden beds, around your trees, shrubs and perennials to control weeds and retain moisture. Mulch flower beds and planters, too. But keep mulch from directly coming in contact with stems or trunks to avoid fungal infections.

Not sure how to spring clean your yard? Our experienced yard maintenance team can help.

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