GRUBS in your grass? Bare patches or brown patches? Or lawn that is no longer

Summer is tough on our lawns with pests, overwatering, under watering and other conditions wreaking havoc on our grass.

But the good news is, most lawn problems can be fixed.

Here are five common summer lawn problems and how to fix them:


1. Pests

Lawn pests in Australia can be numerous and varied.

Cutworms, Army Worms, Mole Crickets, African Black Beetles, White Curl Grubs, Sod Webworms, Two Spotted Mites, Ants, Grasshoppers and Couch Grass Mites are all common grass pests in Australia and they can simultaneously attack your grass from above and below.

Two Spotted Mites and Armyworms could be munching on the stalks of your grass while Mole Crickets and White Curl Grubs are having a meal of it below.

In the warmer months, grubs and beetles are particularly active, doing damage to your lawn when it is most vulnerable.

If you see pests crawling through your grass, notice brown or bare patches or the leaves of your lawn cut off at the crown level, it’s time to give your lawn a dose of mild soapy water (for less severe problems) or an insecticide if the problem persists.

2. Disease

In summer, lawn diseases spread quickly in warm weather.

Diseases like Dollar Spot, Brown Patch disease, Fairy Rings Powdery Mildew and Grey Leaf all flourish this time of year.

And unless you know how to identify each one and what causes it, it’s hard to find the right cure.

At the source of most summer lawn diseases is a fungal issue. Be sure to aerate your lawn, mow weekly, remove excess thatch and water deeply yet infrequently to help keep it healthy to fight off any fungal problems.

And when a good lawn maintenance routine still cutting the mustard, you can look at a fungicide to help rectify the lawn disease problem.


3. Overwatering

In Mackay where we have a high level of rainfall over summer, it is likely our backyards will brown off due to overwatering. Overwatering drowns the grass and can cause yellow or bare spots.

Unfortunately, in the wet season, there is little we can do to prevent our lawn from being overwatered, but there are a couple of things we can do to help our grass recover after a deluge.

If your lawn has brown or yellow patches that don’t go away after the wet season there are lawn treatment services. Other options include aerating or dethatching your lawn. Aerating takes care of compacted soil by pulling up plugs of dirt to open up areas under-soil to stimulate new grass root growth. It also allows nutrients to pass through to the layers underneath.

If you are building or landscaping your yard and considering what lawn to use, couch grasses, Zoysia, Carpet Grass and Kikuyu are all recommended for Mackay.

4. Dehydration

On the flip side, in those times when the hot summer sun is beating down on our lawns day in day out, our lawns can become stressed.

Bare patches are baked hard by the sun making preventing water and nutrients from penetrating the soil and helping the grass regrow.

When it is hot and dry, watering deeply and frequently will help your lawn not only survive but thrive.

Of course, observe any water restrictions and water in the coolest part of the day: either early in the morning or late at night.


5. Bare patches

Sun-loving grasses like Couch and Kikuyu will thrive in the sun…and fade in the shade.

Yard edges, under shrubs or trees and beneath fences can all suffer from bare patches where the lawn isn’t receiving enough vitamin D.

Obviously cutting down trees or fences to allow the sun to penetrate your grass isn’t an option so where possible, thin foliage to the light through and look at creative ways to replant the bare patches with plants that will grow like a flower bed.