HOW often do you clean your oven?

It’s one of those tasks that we all baulk at. But did you know when you don’t clean your oven, all that burnt food could distort the flavour of your meals or worse, possibly catch fire?

Cleaning your oven regularly is the easiest way. All it takes is a wipe out with a warm, soapy cloth. When you go long periods of time between cleans, any spilt food becomes cooked on and can’t be wiped away with a soapy rag.

Like this oven:


This oven was beyond the point of a wipe out! It required a deep clean.

Deep cleaning usually involves some sort of cleaning product and lots of elbow grease. If your oven resembles the one above, here’s a few handy tips to getting it back in tip top shape.

1. Start with a cold oven

Safety first – make sure the oven is cold before you attempt to clean it. Remove the racks so you can easily access the floor, walls and roof of the oven.

2. Pre-soak to save on cleaning time

Start by removing any loose food or debris using a spatula.

Next, pre-soak each component of the oven by applying a cleanser. Pre-soaking will loosen any built-up grime and save on cleaning time down the track.

Do this by putting the racks in the sink or bathtub if the sink isn’t big enough and wearing gloves, apply a layer of cleanser. For racks that are overly greasy or built up with grime, you might need to leave them overnight to soak.

Next, spread the cleanser over all visible interior oven surfaces such as floor, walls and roof taking care to avoid the heating elements. Again, leave this to soak overnight.

For the glass, apply the cleanser evenly and leave for 15 minutes before wiping off.


3. Time to scrub-a-dub-dub

After pre-soaking each component for the required length of time, it’s time to remove the cleanser.

Start with the glass. Wipe off the cleanser after 15 minutes using a damp microfibre cloth. After removing all the loosened grime and cleanser, rinse the glass with water and wipe dry.

Next, after leaving the cleanser to soak overnight, using a damp sponge, wipe the side walls of the oven from the top down. Then wipe the back wall from the top down and the roof, from the back to the front. Doing the walls and roof first will ensure any grit falls to the floor of the oven, where you will wipe it away at the end, sweeping the sponge from the back to the front.

Lastly, rinse the sponge and continue wiping out the oven until all the cleanser is gone.

Finally, take the racks that have been soaking and scrub each grate with a cloth to slough off any debris or grime. Rinse and dry the racks and return them to the oven.

4. Don’t use aluminium foil

Once your oven is sparkling clean, understandably you will want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

One of the biggest mistakes some homeowners make is to line the bottom of their oven with aluminium foil to catch any future food spills that could dirty their clean oven. Aluminium foil can block or reflect heat resulting in overcooked or undercooked food.


5. We can do it for you

Of course, if all this sounds like too much hard work (and let’s face it, it is!) get someone to clean your oven for you.

Like us!

Just look at these before and after photos of an oven we revitalised recently:

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