LAST year, one of the biggest trends in home renovations was the home gym. With so many people at home due to the pandemic, home gyms became top of the must-have list.

With that in mind, as home renovation spending continues to rise, what is on the list for 2022?

In this month’s handy hints, we take a look at the home renovation trends that will be at the forefront of the industry for the next 12 months.


Home office

Like the home gym, with changes to work routines and many businesses adapting to work in the online space due to COVID-19, the home office is growing in popularity.

If you’re yet to create a home office or looking to update your home office for 2022, here are five ways to create a stylish and functional home office that will make working from home comfortable and productive.

  1. Workflow

Consider your workflow and what you need to function and be comfortable, whether that be shelves, a printer, wall calendar or desk organiser. Test the height of your desk, monitor and chair. Test the flow and function of the furniture. Test everything to ensure comfort as this will help you work better.

2. Invest

Invest in key pieces of furniture such as a desk (consider a standing desk that can change heights), a supportive chair and good lighting. Think about the ergonomics of each piece and definitely try any office furniture before you buy.

3. Setting

You want to place your desk in a position that stimulates the mind. Facing a blank wall all day can get mighty boring so if you have a window, take advantage of the outlook and the natural light and face your desk towards that.

4. Personality

Your office is your workspace so inject some personality into it. Think photos on the walls or desk, favourite textures or colours that make you feel inspired and happy. Anything that makes you feel good is a good choice. It’s your office so make it yours.

5. Colour

Colour can help excite, invigorate and claim the space as your own so think about adding some colour. A feature wall or a colourful rug, anything you find calming and motivating.


Outdoor living

Last year, the pandemic highlighted the importance of the great outdoors, igniting an interest in outdoor living, gardening and bringing the outdoors indoors.

From growing fruit and vege to indoor plants to creating cozy outdoor living spaces.

While relaxing on a large deck or poolside entertaining area are obvious favourites, the simplicity of renovating an outdoor space to become a comfortable living area is also hugely popular.

A coat of paint, new outdoor furniture and some greenery and a small patio or courtyard is the new favourite outdoor living space. The key is to incorporate natural materials, such as stone, hedges, water features, timber and rattan elements to create a sense of relaxation.

Creative spaces

A positive to come out of the past couple of years is the opportunity people have had to reassess their work-life situation. Focus has shifted from being 100 per cent career-driven to the realisation that it is okay to find a healthy work-life balance.

As a result, we are moving towards creating spaces in our homes to allow for creative pursuits such as meditation, yoga, art and even dance. Anything that provides that much-needed downtime and space from work and life.

If you are considering creating a creative space in your home in 2022, consider the existing footprint of your home. Can the new space fit within the home? How about transforming the garage, shed or investing in sliding doors or a divider to turn one room into two.


Design trends for 2022

Bold and bright are the colour choices for this year. According to Dulux Colour Forcast 2022, there are three colour palettes set to influence colour and design for the coming year: flourish, restore and wonder.

Flourish introduces a sense of adventure with rich, sensual hues, warm neutrals and pops of gold while restore creates a calm and reassuring backdrop with gentle, earth-based neutrals and rugged, natural tones and wonder brings a dreamy and sentimental feel using playful, summery, ’80s-inspired colours.

Each palette will help transform your home in 2022 with a selection of vibrant or playful hues, even if it is in a small amount such as a feature wall, front door or nook.

In tiles, the trend emerging for 2022 is bold colours and statements.

For dark, moody or industrial look go for charcoal coloured tiles or slate. Big tiles might not be traditional for a kitchen splashback but they will make a point of difference.

Feature walls in the bathroom introduce an element of interest in an otherwise neutral space. Think mosaic, textured tiles or pairing timeless colours.

Happy home renovations in 2022!