We talk a lot about carpet cleaning but do you wonder how the equipment we use actually works and what it specifically does?

Here we take you behind the scenes to see how our amazing Sapphire 370 works.

The Sapphire 370 is engineered to deliver maximum performance. From the hottest water to more vacuum than the competition, this machine provides the best overall performance in its class.


From carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, hard surfaces and even flood extraction, this machine does it all. 

It is tough and powerful enough to handle any job, easy to use and easy to maneuver.

How it works to clean the carpet is through hot water extraction or steam cleaning.


The hot water creates steam which is delivered through the machine head (which looks a bit like a vacuum cleaner) deep into the carpet fibres to loosen built up dirt and bacteria.

If you’ve ever noticed your carpets looking “matted”, this is generally what all that built up dirt and bacteria does.

The heavy duty vacuum then sucks up the moisture and with it the dirt and grime, returning your carpets to their former glory.

Five differences between vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning

1. Sanitisation

Professional carpet cleaning will get your carpets cleaner than any vacuum cleaner and it will also santise them, something else vacuuming alone can’t do.

2. Removal of harmful allergens

If your carpet has ever got wet, there is a chance there is mould or mildew in the padding. Something vacuuming alone also can’t reach. Professional carpet cleaning will be able to reach the padding and cleanse it, removing these harmful allergens.

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3. Less chance of health issues

Getting your carpets regularly professionally cleaned means you are exposed less to the harmful dirt and bacteria that can cause health issues and allergies.

4. Revitalisation of carpet

Over time, carpets dull or discolour due to high traffic, dirt, matting and stains. Professional carpet cleaning may restore your carpets to their original carpet. That’s something vacuuming definitely can’t do.

5. Someone does it for you

Hands up if you like vacuuming? Yes, that’s what we thought. No one really likes vacuuming. So if you have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly, you don’t have to. At Budget Guys, we send a specialised team in who will take care of the entire process leaving you to do nothing but bask in the cleanliness of your new-like carpets.

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