IS your shower grout no longer white? Does your shower look dirty even when it’s clean?

Mould can turn the grout in your shower from white to varying shades of grey and black making your shower look permanently dirty, even when it is clean.

Of course, there are ways you can get rid of your grotty grout…


1. DIY clean

One way is to clean it using good old fashioned elbow grease. Wearing safety glasses, gloves and a respirator kit, a heavy-duty grout cleaner sprayed on the grout and left for a few minutes to soak will lift a lot of the mould when scrubbed off with a stiff brush and warm water.

If there are any areas still discoloured, you can use a grout pen to draw over the grout and refresh it.

2. Re-grout

If your grout is beyond cleaning or is chipped or crumbling, one way to fix it is by re-grouting. This is can be done by anyone with a little know-how. Start by removing the grout with a grout rake (for small jobs) or a multi-tool (for big jobs). Next, swipe grout diagonally across the tiles to push it into the gaps. Give it the required amount of time it needs to set then wipe off the excess.

3. Professional clean

Otherwise, the third option is to have your shower and its grotty grout cleaned for you by professionals, like Budget Guys.
Just look at this before and after of a recent job we did:


If you’d like to save your elbow great or re-grouting but want your shower looking like new, book a clean service with Budget Guys, your cleaning specialists in Mackay.

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