If you have a pool there’s a good chance it’s been sitting dormant for the past couple of months. And now, as the weather starts to heat up, you want to start thinking about how to get your pool swim-ready for summer.

Luckily, we spoke to the experts at Swimart Mackay on just how you can get your pool swim-ready.

Swimart Mackay mobile pool servicing and mobile retail pool shop owner, Sydney Corvin said now is the time to get reacquainted with your pool, its equipment and its water chemistry.


“With the winter thermometer having been in the low 20s in Mackay, finally the warmer spring is here and many of you will want to start enjoying your swimming pool (if you haven’t dived in already).

“And right now is the perfect time to prepare your pool so it’s ready to take advantage of the warmer days.

“Over winter, the lack of attention to the pool, the sun’s Ultraviolet radiation and any rain we had will dilute pool chemicals. Pool blankets will need removing and cleaning, a high Ph with low chlorine and salt levels will at the very least cause your pool water to look hazy (while you can still see the bottom of the pool, it’s hard to make out the details) or worse, it turns pool water green from algae growth.

“While microscopic in size, if your pool water lacks the right balance of chemicals, algae can multiply and aside from making your pool look uninviting, algae can damage pool equipment and make your friends and family ill as it often harbours bacteria like E. coli.”

pool swim ready

If you have let maintenance slip, its not the end of the world. Syd has these five steps for getting your pool maintenance back on track and your pool swim-ready.

“If over winter, you have let maintenance, cleaning and pool water chemical testing and balancing fall by the wayside, it’s likely the pool shell and pool water isn’t as clean and healthy as it needs to be.

“Indeed the pool water may be looking a little dull or hazy or cloudy or opaque or lastly, with a tinge or dark green. So these five steps will quickly return it to peak condition, ready for that first swim.”

Step 1 to getting your pool swim-ready:

“Take a sample of your pool water to Swimart Mackay for a free digital pool water test or if time-poor, phone 0413 586 037 to make an appointment to have one of our pool technicians attend on-site.

“The results will indicate what pool chemicals are required to get it back on the road to peak condition.

“A Swimart pool technician will advise you on the best course of action for filtration and pool equipment to enhance the journey back to a peak condition pool.”

Syd said pool care is a bit like baking a cake.

“Anyone can make one but without the correct ingredients (pool chemicals) and correct utensils (filtration and chlorination) and correct stirring (run times) to mix the ingredients, the cake (in this case the pool water) will not be nice.”


Step 2 to getting your pool swim-ready:

“Check and clear your equipment and run the filter and pump.

“Before you add any products to your pool, remove the pool cover if you have one, brush the steps and ledges, scoop the pool of heavy leaf debris then turn your pool pump on (if it isn’t already running) and run it for a few hours to help filter the atmospheric and windblown dust from the water.

“While the pump is doing its job, check that the filter is back washed or cleaned, skimmer box and basket are clean, pump basket is clean and pump is running normally and ensure they are all working efficiently, not leaking with no blockages or calcium build-ups on chlorinator cell plates.

“If your filter cartridge needs a clean, simply give it a good wash with the hose. If you have a Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filter, you may need to take it apart and clean it with a small brush and water. If you have a sand filter, make sure you turn off the pool pump, then set it to backwash to flush it out (don’t forget to return it to its normal setting after rinsing). If you are time pool or require instruction, your local Swimart Mackay technician can attend on-site to check and clean your equipment and advise on any required service parts or replacements.

“If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your pool pump or filter or filter media we have an extensive range of quality and reliable brands.”

pool swim-ready

Step 3 to getting your pool swim-ready:

“Add a sanitiser

“Your pool water may need to be sanitised to condition and ready it for other treatments.

“Swimart recommends a chlorine-free oxidizer that burns away organic matter in a pool treatment called Aqua Health Ultra Shock, which destroys organic waste and leaves your pool water clean and sparkling. Simply dose while the pump is running and wait a few hours before swimming.
“For a more rapid sanitising effect, apply a chlorine shock using Aqua-Health’s Stabilised Granular Chlorine. Both are easy to use, have a built-in stabiliser and do not alter water hardness.”


Step 4 to getting your pool swim-ready:

“Re-balance the pool water chemistry

“Treat your pool water with the products and dosages recommended by your local Swimart Mackay pool technician. Depending on your pool’s current water quality, you may need to add calcium, buffer and phosphate remover. Chlorine, an algaecide and acid tare needed to adjust the pH level (optimal level is between 7.2 and 7.6). Getting your pool water’s pH level right is important as it dictates how much chlorine turns into hypochlorous acid (HCIO), an active ingredient needed to kill germs, algae and bacteria.

“Pool water turns green when the chlorine level is too low. If your pool water’s chlorine is below 1ppm (your Swimart technician can determine its level), you need to ‘shock’ the water with a large dose of chlorine to get it to 10ppm. Run the filter after dosing and don’t enter the pool until the chlorine level falls below 3ppm (high chlorine levels can cause itchy skin and red, dry eyes).”

pool swim-ready

Step 5 to getting your pool swim-ready:

“Clean your pool’s surfaces

“Brush your pool’s walls, which helps remove algae and loosen dirt. Swimart Mackay sells algae brushes designed to cut open the hard membranes of “Black Spot” algae so that an Algaecide and chlorine can effectively kill the algae.

“Now for the final steps: vacuuming the pool floor. If time poor Swimart Mackay has a great range of models and types of suction robotic and or electric robotic pool cleaners.

“Before you let the kids have a swim, ensure the area surrounding your pool is free of uneven pavers or obstacles that may cause accidents or injury. Also, check your pool fence, child-proof gate and latch are in good working order, position a Resuscitation Chart poolside, and move any furniture and pot plants away from the pool fence so young children can’t use them to climb into the pool area.

“Most importantly, remember to supervise children when they are in the pool area, especially if they haven’t swum since last summer. Spring is a good time to reacquaint or re-enrol your kids in swimming lessons.”

Syd said a pool is an impressive feature of a home and can be best maintained and enjoyed by regularly getting the water chemistry tested and balanced.

Swimart Mackay is a 20-year-old local owned Mackay company providing a mobile retail pool shop on wheels to the community.
“Swimart Mackay offers the full sales and servicing of pool and spa equipment, chemical and accessories sales, servicing, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, leak detection as a retail pool shop on wheels, in addition to our mobile pool and spa servicing and repairs.

“We do a complete range of pool shop retail sales with home delivery of all chemicals, parts, products, pool and agricultural pumps, filters, chlorinators, pool cleaners, creepy-crawly, robots.

“Swimart is a trusted expert in pool care, offering you a reliable and easy way to enjoy and protect your pool or spa.

‘The huge value of having a Swimart Mackay pool service which is particularly important to landlords and busy owner-occupiers is Swimart Mackay experience, knowledge and diagnostic skills in observing the functioning of equipment and accessories such as checking and cleaning calcified or failing cells, failing chlorinators, power outage, check the pump for overheating, noisy bearings, leaks, if the pump is starting (capacitor failing ) visual check of the pool and surrounding conditions (osmosis, cracks, leaks, damage, pool fence and pool gate functioning, pavers damaged) and make preventive maintenance recommendations on such things.”

Call Swimart Mackay on 0413 586 037 to book an appointment.