LIVING in Mackay, an aircon is a must-have in summer. But they’re certainly not a cheap way to keep cool. In fact, aircon costs can sometimes drive up the price of your electricity bill and let’s face it, they are high enough as it is.

So, we spoke to the aircon experts at Climate Air Solutions about how to your aircon costs down this summer.



aircon costs

An air conditioner has multiple settings from cool to heat to dry to ventilation.

Climate Air Solutions owner Cory Boyanton recommends setting your air conditioner to cool mode.

Cool mode is where your air con cools the room giving you that refrigerated feel which is what you need in Mackay when it is hot.

In cool mode, your aircon regulates the temperature according to the temp being returned back to the indoor unit. When it approaches the set temperature point, the components of the air conditioner reduce speed before eventually cycling off.

Dry mode can be used when your home is humid but not overly warm. Dry mode removes humidity and works like cool mode except it senses the temperature differently in that when dry mode is turned on the aircon records the temperature of the room and regulates the temperature before deciding when to cycle off.

On heat mode, the indoor unit blows warm air into the room until the set temperature is reached, while ventilation is simply using the air conditioner as a fan.


The harder your aircon has to work the more electricity it burns, therefore the more it costs to run.

Ergon Energy estimates every degree cooler you make your aircon temperature adds about 10 per cent to the aircon’s electricity use.
To see this in action, you can use Ergon Energy’s aircon cost calculator. This shows you how the difference in running costs when you make changes to the cooling temperature.

Cory at Climate Air Solutions recommends setting the temperature of your aircon to 24° to keep costs down.

According to Canstar, setting an 8.0kW air conditioner to 21° instead of 24° could cost 20c more per hour to run (assumes 28.479c/kWh electricity usage rate).

So, set your aircon temperature to 24° and enjoy cool comfort without gauging electricity.


Installation and maintenance

aircon costs

When it comes to installing, upgrading or maintaining your aircon, there are a few things you should know.

Firstly, and most importantly, use someone qualified.

“Use trade qualified refrigeration mechanics for all your air conditioning needs and service your systems regularly to achieve optimal performance,” Cory at Climate Air Solutions said.

If you are looking at installing or upgrading your unit, an aircon should generally have 80 watts per square metre per room. This is important to get right because if the room is larger than the aircon caters for it will be less effective in cooling or heating the space, likewise if the room is too small for the aircon.

Harvey Norman has this handy guide on the approximate unit and room sizes to help you choose the right aircon for the right room. Of course, the trade qualified installer you hire can help you with this also.

Room Size m^2 Cooling capacity (C) / Heating Capacity (H)
3.0m x 3.0m = 9m2 2.5KW(C)/3.2KW(H)
5.0m x 5.0m = 25m2 3.5kw(C)/3.7KW – 4.3KW (H)
5.5m x 5.5m = 30m2 3.5kw(C)/3.7KW(H) – 5.0KW(C)/6.0KW(H)
6.3m x 6.3m = 40m2 5.0KW(C)/6.0KW(H) – 6.0KW(C)/7.2KW(H)
6.7m x 6.7m = 45m2 6.0KW(C)/7.2KW(H) – 7.1KW(C)/8.0KW(H)
7.1m x 7.1m = 50m2 7.1KW(C)/8.0KW(H) – 8.0KW(C)/9.0KW(H)
7.7m x 7.7m = 55m2 8.0KW(C)/9.0KW(H) – 9.2KW(C)/10.0KW(H)

Regular maintenance of your unit is very important. Getting it serviced and sanitised ensures your unit is in top working order and the air it is producing is hygienic and clean.

To get your aircon sanitised, book your service with Budget Guys today.

Cory recommends you ensure your air conditioner filters are kept clean and nothing is blocking the coil or fan on the outdoor condensing system.

Climate Air Solutions offers all aspects of air conditioning services.

“We deliver high quality and reliable product at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable and friendly team. We are the Daikin and Panasonic dealers for Mackay region.”


One last tip

To get the most out of your aircon while keeping costs down, Cory recommends making sure all the windows and doors are closed in the room to prevent the air conditioner from overworking to cool the area down.

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