Warmer months equals more time spent outside which means now is the perfect time to start loving your lawn in preparation for the hot months ahead.

There’s nothing nicer in summer than stepping outside onto a cool lawn that is almost as dense and plush as a good quality carpet.


And with lush green grass sweeping across your yard not only does it look inviting but it feels inviting too.

Unfortunately, gloriously healthy green lawn doesn’t happen on its own. It takes a little effort and care. But thankfully, now is the perfect time to start loving your lawn and we have all the info to help you, right here.

1. Lawn types 101

Before we get into how to love your lawn, let’s look at the types of lawn that make loving it in Mackay, easy.

There are two main types of lawn: warm and cool season. Obviously, for Mackay, warm-season lawns are the way to go, these are known as C3 grasses.

Warm-season lawn varieties include kikuyu, buffalo, couch and zoysia.

According to Mackay turf specialists, Turf Grass, Nullarbor Couch, Sir Grange Turf and their own unique DNA certified Sir Walter Buffalo are the most durable and longest-lasting lawn options for Mackay’s climate.

Nullabor Couch is known as the best performing couch grass. With high drought and wear resistance, low shade tolerance and a nice fine leaf, it is perfect for that manicured lawn look. However, it is high maintenance.

Sir Grange turf is known for its fine blade that is a lovely dark green colour. It is premium turf with high wear and shade tolerance, medium drought resistance and low maintenance.

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is known as being tough yet soft. Versatile and hardy, Sir Walter will grow anywhere from full sun to full shade, in extreme heat and drought.

The attractive broad green-leafed grass is high drought, wear and shade resistance and very low maintenance.

Born in Australia for the Australian climate, Sir Walter has been dubbed Australia’s best buffalo grass.



2. Lawn care 101

While Mackay’s tropical climate provides a perfect environment for lawn growth, too much growth can be just as problematic as the process of dying off in temperate climates.

Here’s how to care for your lawn all year round.

First and foremost, to keep your lawn healthy it requires regular maintenance.

Now is a good time to throw down some last-minute slow-release fertiliser. It will help your lawn recover from the winter months and prepare for the warmer months ahead. Make sure you follow the fertiliser with a long, deep watering.

Look for a fertiliser that is full of essential nutrients and trace elements. These will encourage rich colour and strong growth.

From November to March during the hot humid months, lawns are growing rapidly due to rains brought on by summer storms. Keep the dense green leaf during this rapid growth period under control with some good maintenance. This will also help a healthy, green lawn be maintained during cooler months.
The wet season promotes vigorous leaf growth so fertilising is not necessary during this period. But it is recommended that you apply products such as lime and gypsum to help condition the soil. High rainfall means soil can become very acidic, lime helps restore the soil’s PH while gypsum helps enable water to penetrate the soil.

April is the time to once again apply some slow-release fertiliser. This will keep the growth brought on by the wet weather under control and prepare your lawn for the cooler months ahead. To help reduce moisture loss at this time, leave your lawn a little longer.

In May, spread another round of slow-release fertiliser over your lawn to keep them green and healthy throughout winter. Depending on the variety of your grass, your lawn only once a week or fortnight to support the deep root system that ensures a healthy lawn.



3. Prepare for pests, eradicate weeds

September signals the rebirth of not just flora but fauna too, including pests such as lawn grubs. Army Worms, Sod Web-worm and Cutworms lay their eggs in lush green grasses. Five to seven days later the eggs hatch into worms who then wreak havoc on your lawn leaving brown, straw-like patches in a carpet of healthy grass.

Use a product like Grub Guard during spring to protect your lawn from such pests and keep it healthy all year round.

Nutgrass is a rapidly spreading perennial. It is also a noxious weed. Treat the selective and post-emergence control of nutgrass with Sempra.

Sempra is a herbicide that is used to eradicate nutgrass. Here at Budget Guys, we can treat nutgrass in your lawn with Sempra. To learn more about this treatment, click here.