We all value our health and the health of our family.

Outside, we can only control so much. Air pollution, sickness and germs are everywhere. But inside, our health is in our hands. We can choose to make our homes as healthy as we like.

A clean home means less allergies, less illnesses, less sickness. And thankfully, making our homes a clean, healthy, hygienic environment for our families is relatively easy.


Here’s how you can make your home healthier for you and your family:

Do a deep clean

How often do you give your house a good clean? Like a really good, deep clean?

Fridges, freezes, window tracts, walls and cupboard doors all harbour dirt and bacteria.

To give your house a deep clean, do one room at a time starting with decluttering. Then, work from the top down; remove cobwebs, dust wall furnishings and all surfaces and finish with vacuuming the floor.

Next, take a spray bottle (vinegar and water will do just fine) and wipe down all the walls, paying extra attention to high traffic areas such as doors, door jambs, window sills and skirting boards.

It’s a big job, but the rewards are worth it. You’ll have less clutter, rooms will be organised and sparkling clean and your home healthier.

Get your furniture cleaned professionally

Do you eat food on your couch? Do animals sleep on your furniture?

Food and drink spills stain your furniture and can cause mould and other nasties to grow inside, while animals leave behind dirt and hair, traces of urine and feces or they can create a breeding ground within your furniture for fleas, if they’re not properly treated.

Having your furniture cleaned professionally can remove stains caused by spills and animals, bringing them back to new looking. But more importantly, it can remove the bacteria within the fabric or leather or foam and make your furniture once again, hygienic, contributing to making your home healthier.

To see just how powerful having your furniture professionally cleaned can be, check out the before and after photos of this leather couch:


leather cleaning

Get your carpets professionally cleaned

Carpets are one of the unhealthiest elements of your home. Insect feces, dust mites, dead skin cells, mould, dust, bacteria and volatile organic compounds get trapped in the fibres of your carpets causing allergies and other health issues.

And unfortunately, while vacuuming will remove surface dirt, it doesn’t reach all of the above trapped deep in your carpet. Only professional carpet cleaning will.

By getting your carpets professionally cleaned you are removing all this embedded dirt and bacteria and therefore helping to eliminate allergies and other health issues.

You are essentially sanitising your carpets. It will be fresh, clean and most importantly, hygienic, helping to make your home healthier.

Professional carpet cleaning can also remove stains and return your carpet to a new like condition. Bonus!


Sanitise your air conditioner

This is one so many people overlook. Honestly, when was the last time you had your air conditioner sanitised? We’re not surprised if you say, “never”.

However, sanitising your air conditioner is so important because it can harbour unhealthy organisms such as bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi that can cause health issues.

Getting your air conditioner sanitised removes these organisms, making the air you and your family breath fresh and clean and helping make your home healthier.

A standard split system air conditioning unit should be sanitised at least once a year.

healthier home

Get pests under control

Fleas, cockroaches, spiders, ants, rats and mice – all these pests help contribute to an unhealthy home.

Fleas can carry and transmit to humans several potentially dangerous illnesses while cockroaches also carry some pretty serious diseases.

Getting pests in and around your home under control with professional pest control can help make your home healthier.

However, pest control isn’t always a one treatment fix. If you have a serious pest problem it could take a few treatments or a couple of months to get on top of the issue.

That’s why it is important to keep on top of your pest control. The best way to do this is book an annual professional pest control treatment and in the meantime, keep animals flea free, put down cockroach baits and keep any eye out for the tell-tale signs of rats and mice.

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