BUDGET Guys has been serving the Mackay region since 2013 but its inception goes beyond that.

About 25 years ago, nine-year-old Benjamin Molineux started a yard maintenance business with a few friends. This endeavour later developed into the successful property services business, Budget Guys.


Today, Budget Guys have 18 staff and provide Mackay with a one-stop-shop for all property needs.

Let’s meet the staff.

Manager: Andy Plazeriano

Andy has been a part of the Budget Guys team since 2018 and has enjoyed being part of an organisation that plays a pivotal role in the support and assistance to many Mackay and surrounding members of the community.

“ We are a one-stop-shop and the benefit of that is clients don’t have to stress about running around and finding different trades for different things. We do it all.

“As a registered NDIS provider, the satisfaction of being able to assist with their daily living is very rewarding.”

Andy said Budget Guys are proud supporters of the community – previously sponsoring Mackay Triathlon Club and the Airlie Beach Race Week.

Currently, Budget Guys sponsor Eco Barge Clean Seas, Whitsunday Turtle Rescue and Bird Life.


Budget Guys

Yard maintenance and carpet cleaning: Robert, Jake, Ayden, Fritz

Yard maintenance and carpet cleaning services are provided by four experienced team members: Robert, Jake, Ayden, Fritz.

They can handle anything and everything from mowing, whipper snipping, hedging, tree removal, landscaping, irrigation, lawn care.

Robert and Jake are also the carpet cleaning specialists, wielding the powerful Sapphire 370 carpet cleaner to sanitise and remove stains from carpets, upholstery and mattresses.

Robert said the majority of the team are trained across multiple facets of the business.

“Most of our guys are cross-trained for general building maintenance, general garden maintenance and of course carpet cleaning. The team is a good core of workers.”

Robert has been with Budget Guys for just over a year and said what he loves best about his job is the “being outside part”.

“I was a carpet layer for 40 years. I love being outside.”

When asked what sets Budget Guys yard maintenance and carpet cleaning services apart from others, Robert said, “We’re conscious and we liaise with the clients as much as possible.”


Cleaning: Marcelle, Erin, Emily, Kayla, Monique, Tyana, Sianna, Brittany

Making up the cleaning team that provides daily cleans for NDIS participants, bond cleans, domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, spring cleans and builders cleans is Marcelle, Erin, Emily, Kayla, Monique, Tyana, Sianna, Brittany.

Marcelle said she has been with Budget Guys for nearly nine months and loves the people she works for, the team she works with and the people she helps.

“Budget Guys are really great. If I’ve got a problem, they deal with it straight away and the team I work with are great.

“I work for Budget Guys but I also work for the clients. I’ve been cleaning for some of our NDIS participants for over a year. They depend on you.”

Marcelle said a typical day for her looks like this:

“Going to clients houses, engaging with our clients, cleaning and helping NDIS participants become involved with the process.

“NDIS clients are encouraged to participate in the work so that they are able to feel part of the outcome and learn the necessary skills to carry on with the duties between the times we attend.

“When you get regular clients, they know you’re going to turn up every morning and are often waiting for you.

“I also help with the bond cleans in larger teams – an in-depth and specialised cleaning service.”

Budget Guys work closely with clients and Real Estate Agencies and offering a three-day Bond Clean Guarantee

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