OVER winter our yards require little yard maintenance. While it’s nice to let our yards go over winter, often this means come spring, they’re looking a little worse for wear.

Trees and hedges in need of trimming, tired lawns and flowers or vegetables in need of some TLC.

So before spring starts to, well, spring, here are the yard maintenance jobs you need to do now to get your yard looking lovely again.


1. Love your lawn

Over winter, browning and thinning in your lawn is typical.

Rake your lawn vigorously to strip out dead and brown grass (thatch) and to allow more light through to new shoots.
Spring is the one time of year you should give your lawn a balanced, slow-release fertiliser.

Fertilising in spring provides the nutrients to reinvigorate the lawn after winter and power it into summer.

But to really make sure the fertiliser penetrates to the roots of your lawn to have the maximum effect, you need to aerate the soil. You can do this using a lawn aerator roller or aerating sandals.

This time of year the soil hasn’t yet warmed and the nights may still be cool, so a deep watering may last a lot longer than expected. The best way to tell is to bury your finger into the soil under your lawn. If it’s damp, don’t water.

As our lawns come back to life, so do weeds. Fertilising will help keep weeds at bay but for any obvious weeds, use a weed killer (just check your lawn type is suitable for one).


2. Trim those trees

Trees and shrubs should be pruned now for a few reasons.

One, deciduous trees that lose their leaves in autumn should be pruned while they lie dormant during winter because their sap flow is reduced. Because pruning creates wounds in the tree, they are far less stressed about losing branches in winter and can also focus all their energy on the cuts made by pruning and defending themselves against any environmental damage.

Two, in Mackay, late winter or early spring is the ideal time to prune trees and shrubs in preparation for storm season which starts in November. Look for trees with overgrown or dead limbs, which can be dangerous in the wind and heavy rain. Of course, you can always contact a qualified arborist to will inspect your property and advise you on which trees need pruning or to carry out the pruning for you.

Other shrubs that have grown unruly over winter can be trimmed back to a manicured state now also.


3. Lose the leaves

During the cooler months, leaves from deciduous trees can collect in corners of your yard, on the veranda and in your gutters.

Rake up or blow leaves scattered about the yard or on the veranda into piles to put into the green bin or better yet, add to your compost.

Next, get your gutters cleaned out.

If you don’t get your gutters cleaned out by the time those spring and summer storms hit, the uncontrolled water can have a devastating effect on your property.

Gutters essentially manage the flow of moving rainwater away from your home during a downpour and if they are full of leaves, the water can’t get away as it should and can potentially cause damage to your property.

Cleaning out gutters can be a dangerous task and is, therefore, often best left to the professionals, like Budget Guys. Contact us today for a quote on gutter cleaning.