Did you know your carpets can hold nearly four times their weight in dirt?

If you wear your shoes inside you are instantly tracking dirt across your carpets and grinding it in. If you have animals inside your home, their fur and urine cling to the fibres in your carpet.

Insect feces, dust mites, dead skin cells, mould, dust, bacteria and volatile organic compounds also get trapped in the fibres of your carpets causing allergies and other health issues.

And unfortunately, vacuuming doesn’t solve the problem. Vacuuming will remove the surface dirt but it will not get rid of the bacteria and dirt ground into the carpet fibres.

To do this you need your carpets professionally cleaned.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment penetrates deep into the carpet to soften and loosen the dirt stuck to the fibres before sucking the moisture, germs and dirt away.

Leaving your carpets clean, fresh and most importantly, hygienic.


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