WITH storm and cyclone season about to begin, it is important to know who to contact in the event of an emergency.

Here is who to contact in the event of an emergency in Mackay region:

1. Emergency only

For a life-threatening situation, call 000.

2. Police and fire Mackay

Mackay Police Station can be contacted on 131 233.

Contact details for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services fire stations in Mackay are: 

• Mackay city: 4944 8000

• North Mackay: 4965 6671

• Sarina: 4956 1607

• Rural Fire Service: 4965 6641

• Emergency Management: 4965 6652


3. State Emergency Service (SES)

For storm-related damage to private property, contact the State Emergency Services (SES) on 132 500.

SES assistance is provided for non-life-threatening emergency situations during floods, storms or other similar events. 

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said SES also supports other agencies such as Queensland Police Service and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service to perform additional functions and different types of disasters and emergencies such as vertical rescue, flood boat rescue, road crash rescue, urban, rural and evacuation searches, emergency traffic management, urban search and rescue, agency support, incident management and community education.

4. Ergon Energy

For any fallen power lines, call 000 or Ergon Energy 131 670. For faults only contact Ergon on 132 296 and use Ergon’s Power Outage Finder to see areas without power.

Although built to stand up to extreme weather, powerlines can occasionally be affected by lightning strikes, high winds, heavy rain, flooding and flying debris. These conditions could damage or bring down power lines, which can cause power outages and life-threatening electric shocks.

To say safe from powerlines  during and after severe weather:

  1. Report fallen powerlines immediately by calling 000 (triple zero) or Ergon on 13 16 70

  2. Stay at least 10 metres away and warn others about the danger

  3. Take care, stay line aware and look out for powerlines around fallen trees and debris

When severe weather damages the power network, Ergon Energy is there to fix it as soon as possible and while they do their best to keep us safe and connected, it’s important to take steps to protect our own safety in the event of severe weather event.

Remember when it is raining heavily or flooding electricity travels easily through water, which can be dangerous if water enters your home or business.

Ergon said wet appliances, wiring or switchboards can cause life-threatening electric shocks. Water can also damage the wiring inside a property or electrical appliances, making them dangerous to use, even after they are dry.

Even if a property isn’t directly affected by a flood, Ergon might still need to disconnect the power supply if another part of the network is flooded.

If a property or business has flooded and the mains power is still connected, contact Ergon immediately on 13 22 96 to arrange disconnection.

During a flood, Ergon recommends keeping away if water comes near electrical equipment, don’t attempt to turn off solar power system if any components are wet, never try to use an electrical appliance while standing in water, or barefoot and stay aware of overhead powerlines if you use a boat to cross floodwaters.

Because floodwaters can damage electrical appliances and wiring, after a flood a licensed electrical contractor will need to inspect electrical appliances and wiring before reconnecting to power.

Ask the electrician to check any water-affected appliances and if in doubt, throw them out, check any electrical fittings that were wet or submerged and consider relocating a switchboard and wiring away from flood-prone areas of a property.

Once a licensed electrical contractor has repaired any electrical damage, notify Ergon to have the power restored.


5. Mackay Regional Council

Mackay Regional Council can be contacted on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) and Mackay Disaster Co-ordination Centre (when activated) on 4951 2466.

Council has two online resources to keep Mackay residents up to date in the event of an emergency.

Mackay Council’s online Emergency Dashboard contains all the information residents need in the event of an emergency including:

  • Emergency news

  • Road conditions

  • Power outages

  • Weather warnings

  • River heights

  • Rainfall

  • Active shelter and evacuation centres

  • Emergency action guide

  • Fire bans and restrictions

  • Weather radar (BoM)

  • Evacuation maps

  • School closures

Mayor Williamson said Council’s online dashboard is a fantastic tool that should be saved on everyone’s digital devices.

“It provides you with vital information, such as road conditions, power outages, weather warnings, river heights and a digital version of our Emergency Action Guide.”

There is also the ability for households to complete their own evacuation plans and upload them to the portal.

While Council’s Emergency Management hub provides handy tips and resources to help protect your family, pets, possessions and home.

With information on and links to:

  • Evacuation maps

  • Types of disasters

  • Prevention and preparedness

  • Response

  • Recovery

  • Important contacts

  • Emergency sand stockpiles

  • Person-centered emergency preparedness

  • Emergency dashboard

  • Business continuity

  • Creative recovery

6. Bureau of Meteorology

For severe weather warnings visit www.bom.gov.au.

The Bureau of Meteorology provides warnings for severe weather and severe thunderstorms which have the potential to affect the safety and well-being of people in Australia. 

7. Road closures

For up-to-date road network incidents and closures call 131 940 or visit www.131940.qld.gov.au.

With up-to-date traffic and travel information on road conditions, incidents, vehicle crashes, emergency roadworks and special events, zoom in on the Mackay region to see all road closures in real-time.

And remember, if it’s flooded, forget it.


8. Get Ready Queensland website

For links to alerts and warnings, information on what to do during and after a disaster, visit www.getready.qld.gov.au.

9. Radio stations

During an emergency, radio broadcasting is a powerful way to deliver warnings and keep residents up-to-date as the event unfolds.

In Mackay, there are several radio stations:

• ABC Tropical North – 101.1 FM

• Star – 101.9 FM

• 4MK – 1026 AM

• Triple M – 98.7 FM

• Hit FM – 100.3 FM

• 4CRM – 107.5 FM

• My105.9FM – 105.9 FM

• My95.9FM Sarina – 95.9 FM

Please stay safe during an emergency.