When it comes to vacating a property, a legal requirement of your tenancy is to complete a bond clean.

Also known as an exit clean, a bond clean is a comprehensive clean done at the end of a lease to return a property to the condition it was in when you moved in.

Bond cleans are hard, tedious work but they are necessary to ensure your full bond is returned to you.


That’s why it isn’t surprising many vacating tenants turn to professionals when it comes to handling their bond cleans.

Here are three reasons to use professional bond cleaners for your bond clean:

bond cleaners

1. Experience

There is a lot involved with a bond clean. It isn’t a simple dust, vacuum and mop. A bond clean must be completed to a specific standard to ensure the return of all bond monies.

If the real estate agent deems a bond clean unsatisfactory, the tenants must either return and redo the cleaning or money will be deducted from the bond refund to pay for someone else to do it.

Agents allow three days after an exit report has been completed for either the tenant or their chosen cleaning company to arrange for the noted items to be rectified.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising how stressful doing a bond clean can be on top of the other stresses of moving house, unpacking and resettling.

That’s where professional bond cleaners come in.

Not only does having someone do the bond clean for you, saving you a lot of time and angst, but professional bond cleaners also have the experience to complete the bond clean to the required standard the first time around.
At Budget Guys, our staff of 25 trained technicians have years of experience to complete any bond clean with professionalism, attention to detail and sensitivity to budget.


2. Equipment

Professional bond cleaners also have the equipment to tackle all aspects of a bond clean. From steam cleaners to gurnis, carpet cleaners to pressure cleaners.

With this professional equipment, a bond clean can be completed to a higher standard than without it.

With tools to clean appliances, windows, grout, ovens, floors and carpets, professional carpet cleaners with professional equipment make light of what otherwise would be a huge job involving a lot of elbow grease.

At Budget Guys, we use state-of-the-art technology to give efficient and effective results, the first time, every time.

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3. Checklist

Do you have to clean the oven? The washing machine? Window tracks? Inside cupboards? What about mowing the lawn? Hedging plants? Removing weeds or rubbish?

The checklist of what needs to be done to successfully complete a bond clean is long and complex.

This is another reason to hire professional bond cleaners. Professional bond cleaners have knowledge of what specifically needs to be cleaned to complete the bond clean.

Such as, in the kitchen, they will clean inside and out of all cupboards, ovens and appliances.

In the bathroom, they will clean sink and fixtures, bathroom screens and mirrors and mop the floor and toilets and drains.

They will clean all windows, tracks, sills and screens and wipe down all ceiling fans, doors, walls and skirting boards throughout the property. Some professional bond cleaners can also handle the professional cleaning of all rugs, carpet and furniture.


Outside, they will mow and hedge and remove all rubbish.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

At Budget Guys, we can handle all aspects of your bond clean from cleaning to gardening  and carpet cleaning.

So, for your next bond clean call Budget Guys on (07) 4957 5561.